Office of General Assistance - Town of the City of Galesburg

Street address: 
121 West Tompkins Street
Galesburg, Illinois 61401
Telephone number: 
(309) 343-9059
Hours of Operation: 
8 A.M. to 4 P.M.

The Office of General Assistance offers financial help to qualifying adults that do not have dependent children, in order to help pay rent, utilities and basic household necessities. The Office administers General Assistance to 17 townships in Knox County. If you live within the City of Galesburg, rental assistance can only be paid to those landlords who have properties that are registered with the City. If you reside in other townships, properties are not required to be registered. Applicants and recipients will be expected to participate in the Community Work Program, which includes a monthly job search, training assignments and workfare activities. Applicants that are mentally or physically disabled must provide medical documentation to be exempt from the community work program.

Emergency Assistance is available to those qualifying individuals and or families who meet income guidelines and who reside in the City of Galesburg. Emergency assistance can only be used to pay utilities such as water and power to avoid a disconnection, to pay a registered landlord where eviction is eminent, or to help with a job-related expense. Emergency Assistance is not available for food, medication, gasoline, car repairs, furnace or water heater repairs or security deposits, Applicants must be able to provide either a power shut-off notice or an eviction notice in order to qualify for Emergency Assistance.

Please call our office at 309-343-9059 for more information or stop by to schedule an appointment. Our address is 121 West Tompkins Street. Our hours are Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. For more information please visit our website: