Mission of the Knox County Human Services Council

The mission of the Knox County Human Services Council is to provide a forum for social service professionals and agencies to exchange information of mutual interest and benefit and to coordinate efforts to enhance the delivery of social, health, educational and other services available to Knox County residents.

To fulfill the Council's mission, the organization shall involve those interested persons belonging to human service organization in a continuing program to achieve the objective set forth below:
A. To exchange information regarding agencies serving Knox County.
B. To help identify gaps and redundancies in delivering services to Knox County residents and attempt to bridge and/or eliminate them insofar as possible.
C. To create an atmosphere of collegiality among human service professionals.
D. To work with other agencies and organizations to serve the residents of Knox County.
E. To advocate for social service issues that affect the residents of Knox County.
F. To create community awareness of available Knox County human services.
G. To offer in-service training on topics to member agencies of mutual interest and need.